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Securing the ERP Webcast: Mitigating Risk Associated with ERP Changes

Monday July 25, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
From Advisory Institute

KPMG Advisory Institute


Event Overview

Join KPMG LLP (KPMG) for a “Securing the ERP” webcast on Monday, July 25, 2016 to learn more about mitigating risk associated with ERP changes.

Effectively managing changes to your ERP is a critical component of your organization’s risk mitigation program. The failure to keep up with both organizational and technical changes decreases the operational effectives of your ERP solution, increases the risk of unexpected system downtime and performance degradation and can leave an organization exposed to compliance findings, fraud and cyber-attacks.

In order to help mitigate these risks, organizations that leverage ERP solutions need to have a comprehensive, dependable, and cost-effective system change management program.

Featured speaker Brian Jensen, KPMG LLP Oracle Advanced Controls professional.

Brian Jensen

Director, Advanced Controls Practice, KPMG

Brad Straw

Director, GRC Technology