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Governance Challenges and Priorities Driving the 2013 Agenda

Feb 28, 2013
From the Audit Committee Institute

Insights from KPMG's 9th Annual Audit Committee Issues Conference


Economic and political uncertainty, the impact of government regulation and public policy initiatives, and ensuring that the company's strategy keeps pace with a fast-changing business and risk environment are among the challenges facing companies and board agendas in 2013.

"Governance Challenges and Priorities Driving the 2013 Agenda" offers insight on the above issues, and more, from more than 140 audit committee members, directors and governance professionals attending KPMG's 9th Annual Audit Committee Issues Conference.

Including comments from directors across industries, geographies and company sizes, highlights from the report include perspective on:

  • Ensuring financial reporting integrity and reinforcing audit quality
  • Strengthening the global lens and assessing international strategy
  • Focusing on risk management and improving information quality

"It's clear from the conference dialogue that now is a pivotal time for boards to take a hard look at how they allocate risk oversight responsibilities to make sure everything is covered and appropriately balanced among committees," said Dennis T. Whalen, partner in charge & executive director of KPMG's Audit Committee Institute.

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