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Rethinking Shareholder Engagement in the Age of Activism

Jul 17, 2014
From the Audit Committee Institute

Spring 2014 Roundtable Highlights

“There’s real value in thinking like an activist investor,” noted one of the 1,200 directors and executives attending KPMG’s Spring Roundtable Series, Rethinking Shareholder Engagement in the Age of Investor Activism. “Looking at the company through an activist investor’s lens not only helps you be prepared for when an activist knocks, it also gives you a deeper understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It raises everybody’s game.”

Equipped with deep research, expertise and a laser focus on corporate performance, many activist investors are stepping-up their engagement with companies—on strategy and leadership, operational efficiency, capital allocation, corporate governance and more.

And while views are mixed on whether investor activism is good or bad for shareholders, it’s clear from the dialogue and survey findings from KPMG’s 21-city Roundtable Series that companies are increasing their engagement with shareholders and the investor community to better understand the company’s vulnerabilities and opportunities through an investor lens.

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