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Tapping International Markets: Key Governance Challenges

Dec 18, 2014
From the Audit Committee Institute

“For our board, the ‘global’ discussion is deeper and more difficult than it was just 12 months ago—it has to be,” noted one of the 1,200 directors and business leaders attending KPMG’s Fall 2014 Roundtable Series. “International expansion is a necessity for us, but the number of variables has exploded.”

Indeed, heightened geopolitical risk and the slow-down in emerging market growth has given many companies pause when thinking about new markets and growth opportunities. Nevertheless, U.S. companies continue to pursue and explore international expansion to reach new customers and increase sales. International reach continues to be a necessity and a core business strategy for companies large and small. 

KPMG’s Fall 2014 Roundtable Report, with key insights from directors, executives, and governance professionals, delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by international markets, and how the board can help management shape the right strategy for particular markets, monitor the implementation, and bring a global worldview to the boardroom.

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