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Governance Challenges & Priorities Driving the 2015 Agenda

Mar 03, 2015
From the Audit Committee Institute

Dialogue at KPMG’s 11th Annual Audit Committee Issues Conference shed light on the challenges and priorities shaping audit committee and board agendas—from risk oversight to shareholder engagement—as directors help guide their companies forward in 2015.

“In this operating environment, risks and opportunities will have a much shorter fuse,” said Dennis T. Whalen, Partner in Charge and Executive Director of KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute. “Boards and audit committees play a pivotal role in helping the company think ahead, calibrate strategy, and keep a fresh perspective on risk.”

Topics covered in our conference report include:

  • Sharpening the Boards’ Focus: Lessons Learned from the Activist Playbook
  • Toward Greater Transparency: Sharpening Financial Disclosures, and Expanded Audit Committee and Auditor Reporting
  • Emerging Technology Challenges: Beyond the IT Shop
  • Global Dexterity
  • Audit Committee Effectiveness: A Work-in-Progress

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