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Audit Committee Institute - Global Boardroom Insights

From KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute, Global Boardroom Insights invites board members and business leaders to share their thoughts on the challenges and practices driving corporate governance in a dynamic risk and regulatory environment.

The Future of Audit
Audit committee chairs and audit professionals from around the comment on the current state of the audit.
Audit Committe Workload
KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute asked audit committee chairs around the world for their views on the audit committee’s workload.
Audit Committee Effectiveness
Global audit committee chairs speak with KPMG's ACI on audit committee effectiveness.
The Cyber Security Challenge
The Cyber Security Challenge looks at key elements of effective cyber risk oversight and governance.
Audit Quality and Communications
ACI talks to seasoned directors about a range of issues concerning audit quality and communications.
The Audit Committee Perspective
This publication from ACI brings together the views of audit committee chairs from major global organizations on key challenges and priorities.

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