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Beyond the Law: How General Counsel Are Turning Risk Into Advantage

Nov 18, 2012
From the Advisory Institute

How much progress are general counsel (GC) making as business decision makers? What challenges do they face in this growing role?

In 2012, KPMG International conducted a survey, unique in its scope and scale, across 32 countries and 320 corporate counsels cross-sector, in both mature and high-growth economies.

As part of this research, we also conducted detailed in-depth interviews with both select GC of major global companies and KPMG subject matter advisors to generate additional insights.

Our study uncovered an increasingly challenging business environment, where GC are being called upon to play a greater role in the running of companies, particularly in managing of risks.

Another headline finding was a gap between the beneficial impact GC believe they can have and their actual involvement in strategic decision making, which needs to be addressed.

Read General Counsel Survey 2012 at kpmg.com/global.