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Supply Chain Transformation: Vision to Realization

Nov 03, 2012
From the Advisory Institute

With the economy beginning to show signs of recovery from the recent economic downturn, companies like Midstream Corporation were seeking to shift their business strategy away from drastic cost-cutting and towards growth and value creation for their customers and shareholders.

With a new vice president of supply chain in place, Midstream looked to supply chain as a key lever to lower operating expenses and enhance revenue. Industry peers were undertaking similar supply chain transformation initiatives, and Midstream management knew that the analysts would soon expect them to have a similar story to tell.

Business transformation can be a daunting task for any organization to undertake. Based on experience with clients across industries and borders, KPMG has built a robust approach to supply chain transformation to help companies transform the way they source, manage, and buy materials and services.

Recognizing the scale of the change Midstream sought, KPMG recommended an integrated approach to enhancing the supply chain and sustaining the value delivered. We invite you learn more about how we helped Midstream transform their supply chain vision into reality.

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