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High Growth Markets -- International Acquisition Tracker March 2013 Edition

Apr 08, 2013
From the Advisory Institute and the Global Enterprise Institute

This edition of the High Growth Markets (HGM) International Acquisition Tracker features deals in the second half of 2012, between July and December.

Study data shows that caution is still the watchword for mergers and acquisitions markets all over the world:

  • Developed acquirer deals made in high growth markets (H2D) fell back to 2009 levels – the nadir of the current downturn – which themselves were the lowest since pre-2005
  • Deals between high growth acquirers and developed market targets (H2D), on the other hand, proved to be more stable, with the H2D market looking to have bottomed out


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About the Tracker

The High Growth Markets (HGM) Tracker looks at deal flows between 15 developed economies (or groups of economies) and 13 high growth economies (or groups of economies). The Tracker is produced every six months to give an up-to-date picture of cross-border merger and acquisition activity.

Established in 2003, the Tracker includes data from completed transactions where a trade buyer has taken a minimum 5 percent shareholding in an overseas company. All raw data is sourced from Thomson Reuters SDC and excludes deals backed by government, private equity firms or other financial institutions.

Learn more about the Tracker and view previous editions on the kpmg.com/global website.