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Running the Business of IT

May 16, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

CIOs must respond quickly to evolving markets, think in terms of revenue objectives, and truly run IT as a business. This means they need to support greater speed, agility, and efficiency, even while ensuring quality, compliance, and security.

The way to address these challenges is to have a holistic approach to managing the business of IT, an approach that:

  • sees the “big picture"
  • focuses on understanding demand and aligning supply
  • identifies appropriate enabling technologies
  • and looks at technology costs in terms of business value, and technology metrics in terms of business intelligence.

Managing the technology organization as a business demands that a CIO evaluate working capital, plan and forecast requirements, and adapt to the changing needs of the client, thereby exhibiting strong and clear leadership. It is an approach that enables CIOs to become the CEOs of their IT businesses. KPMG refers to this approach as Running the Business of IT.

Explore in this article:

  • drivers for change within an IT organization
  • imperatives and opportunities on today's CIO agenda
  • connecting practices and information from various areas of IT in order to effectively enable the business of a technology organization
  • a case study. 


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