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Recession or Growth, the Right Information Is Critical

Jul 31, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

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Brief 3 in a series of 8  |  The Right Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Do you have the information it takes to make the right decisions…right now?

Research conducted by KPMG and CFO Research Services shows that companies are at widely differing stages in their efforts to convert data into actionable information in real time, and deliver it promptly to the right people—wherever they are located.

Many executives are still looking in the rearview mirror as data and reliable information lags their fast-paced decision demands.


of respondents stated that management cannot access the information they need when and where they need it.

And these executives are much more likely than not
to report a host of other technology-related problems, ranging from
incompatible systems to a paucity of useful information.

We launched this research to better understand issues faced by clients, notably the investment in technology that often fails to deliver results for the finance organization. Our focus centered on ideas to leverage from your peers and our experience in helping clients develop and implement successful projects.

Read Recession or Growth, the Right Information Is Critical.

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