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Mobility as Finance's New Imperative

Sep 30, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

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Brief 8 in a series of 8  |  Mobility as Finance's New Imperative

CFOs are urgently working to speed better and faster information to their business managers. As a result, they are also moving toward a new standard for information: anywhere, anytime.

Our recent survey showed that CFOs want managers and employees to have access to critical information when they are on the road, when they are in the field and when they are sitting face-to-face with a customer.


of survey respondents expect to continue adopting mobile devices within their business.

"Our employees have the information they need, 24/7, wherever they are in the world…[but] what we have to do, as a finance organization, is to provide it on a more timely and more efficient basis."
—CFO, Insurance and Risk Management Organization

We launched a research study with CFO Research Services to better understand issues faced by clients, notably the investment in technology that often fails to deliver results for the finance organization. Our focus centered on ideas to leverage from your peers and our experience in helping clients develop and implement successful projects.