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The Transformation of IT Risk Management

Sep 30, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

Organizations are facing increasing demand to realign their IT Risk Management (ITRM) framework to meet constantly changing regulatory standards. Leading organizations are being forced to redefine and transform their traditional ITRM model.

An effective ITRM framework must be both cost-effective and efficient. It should also allow for innovation and the flow of business while checking in at appropriate times.

This paper describes the fundamentals of an effective ITRM program, its benefits and the scope of ITRM. It also explains how a coordinated approach to ITRM enables information flow and imparts clear understanding of the risk domains within IT while optimizing the resources dedicated to ITRM.

Further, this paper enlists IT risk areas of focus and illustrates several case studies exemplifying how KPMG member firms have helped transform the ITRM designs of their clients for improved efficiency and risk optimization.


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