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Business Intelligence of the Future

Nov 19, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

Organizations should rethink their business intelligence (BI) strategies to account for the BI 2020 landscape.

While many organizations have taken major steps to better manage data and information to gain insights, the challenge remains for businesses to create value from data to support the decision-making process. This is the very area where BI of the future can make a difference in enabling an enterprise to make intelligent decisions.

Looking ahead, BI objectives most likely will remain the same but what will be different is how information will be managed, delivered and consumed. To meet these challenges of 2020, the groundwork needs to be done now.

This article describes how to lay this groundwork and meet the challenges of 2020:

  • BI leadership advantages
  • Drivers of change shaping the 2020s business ecosystem
  • BI landscape of 2020


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Linda Imonti
Principal, U.S. Leader
Analytics and Business Intelligence