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Is Unlicensed Software Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Nov 08, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

PDF: Is Unlicensed Software Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Unlicensed software continues to be a multibillion revenue challenge for software companies. As technology and business models continue to evolve at a rapid pace, publishers and customers need to address emerging complexities in the software licensing landscape.

This report examines the extent of license compliance challenges software companies face today, and leading practices in license compliance management.

To address these topics, KPMG surveyed 31 software companies representing more than 50 percent of software industry revenue, where Gartner estimates enterprise software spending will total $301 billion this year. The web-based survey was conducted from February to April 2013.

Read the report to discover how these questions were examined:

  • How do leading software publishers deal with customers that are not complying with contractual agreements?
  • What steps are software companies taking to measure and reduce revenue and intellectual property leakage?
  • Do compliance reviews performed by software companies jeopardize marketplace relationships?
  • How are customers selected for compliance reviews?
  • If license compliance breaches are found, what approaches are software companies taking to resolve them?
  • Are recovery practices worth the effort for software publishers?


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