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Controlling Your Information Ecosystem

Dec 03, 2013
From the Advisory Institute

Defining Issues: Forensic Technology

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The exponential growth of electronically sourced information (ESI) has taken on a life of its own, overwhelming traditional paper-based methodologies and requiring many companies to develop new information management approaches. Enterprise information is no longer static, but is ever-evolving and part of a widely dispersed digital ecosystem with a wide variety of data species.

Effectively managing an information ecosystem can have a significant impact on an enterprise’s health. Identifying redundant and valueless information can have immediate impacts on storage costs, as well as mitigate potential eDiscovery and compliance risks. In addition, finding and retrieving key business information and knowledge can help companies innovate and compete in today’s digital economy.

The following series of articles provide a road map that can help companies improve their information ecosystem:

Records and Information Governance
An outline for a multidisciplinary approach to developing an effective information governance framework.

Defensible Deletion
Reduce the amount of data in a healthy information ecosystem.

Lessons Learned: The Three Rs of eDiscovery
Key takeaways that should be mined from every eDiscovery matter.


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