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Next Generation IT Operating Models

There was a time when the business was at the mercy of the Information Technology department (IT) for all of its technology-enabled solutions. That time has passed. Today, IT needs a new operating model. 

PDF: Next Generation IT Operating Models

The business is looking for a different value proposition from IT, one that directly impacts business outcomes and helps the enterprise become faster and more agile. The C-suite expects IT to:

  • engage with the business proactively, influencing strategies for competitive differentiation and promoting IT's capabilities
  • approach governance and architecture with a new perspective that balances demand for speed, agility, and autonomy with requirements for security, compliance, and compatibility
  • acquire new talent and develop new skills in analytics, mobile, cloud, and social media, as well as in vendor, account, and product management
  • run IT as a business, with transparency and fiscal responsibility.

The way that technology is procured, deployed, and managed must be remade. IT must think, act, and deliver differently. Read this paper for ways CIOs can get started now.


Read the PDF: Next Generation IT Operating Models (251 KB)



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