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HeartBleed Vulnerability: Is Your Data Really Encrypted?

Apr 23, 2014
From the Advisory Institute


ForensicFocus | April 2014

HeartBleed vulnerability has emerged as possibly one of the worst threats ever for consumers and businesses that use the internet.

The vulnerability, which went undetected for two years, has affected some of the most popular websites, and it can have severe consequences for consumer privacy and security. The vulnerability has affected websites from financial institutions, social media websites and almost any website that is accessed via https://.

While some companies have patched their sites to protect against this vulnerability, consumers must be aware of the risk and should take immediate steps to reduce exposure to the HeartBleed vulnerability.

Read this article to learn about known threats from the HeartBleed vulnerability and what consumers and businesses can do to help mitigate exposure and risks.


Read HeartBleed Vulnerability: Is Your Data Really Encrypted?


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