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The Derivatives Industry and Third-Party Services: Assurance Considerations

Jul 18, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

As the impact of derivatives reform ripples throughout the industry, this burgeoning market is dealing with new data flows and critical vendor relationships, and is faced with understanding its wide-ranging processes, controls, and assurance needs.

Market participants have an increased expectation of assurance over third-party providers as 1st (business) 2nd (risk) and 3rd (compliance) lines of defense are recalibrating their frameworks for governance risk management and control assurance in the wake of regulatory pressure and market transformation.

The criticality of these new interdependencies between market participants requires a commensurate risk management and monitoring approach. As the landscape for processing changes, the need to provide assurance over the integrity of these dependencies has increased measurably.

Read this paper to discover:

  • What are the interdependent critical activities in the new derivatives market?
  • Which regulations are driving the heightened assurance discussion in the derivatives market?
  • How does KPMG help meet your assurance reporting requirements?


Read: The Derivatives Industry & Third Party Services: Assurance Considerations