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How to Realize the Promise of Disruptive Big Data Platforms

Aug 26, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

A Series of Articles from KPMG Information Management Advisory

In today's digital world, long-term competitiveness is directly tied to an organization’s ability to extract insights about the actions that will create value in the company, industry and marketplace.

That information resides in vast amounts of data collected from an equally vast array of sources. Without that information – and without proper analysis to convert it into actionable intelligence – a business is simply wandering around blindly, hoping to stumble its way into the right decision.

Explore three key steps business leaders must take to realize the promised impact of pioneering data platforms in this series of articles from KPMG Information Management Consulting. Click on an image or title to read. 


PDF: Series Introduction

Introduction: How to Realize the Promise of Disruptive Big Data Platforms

Exciting advances in information management technologies are supercharging the evolution of business intelligence. How will you position your business to make the most of new opportunities to identify and analyze data?




PDF: Making the Case

Step 1: Making the Case for Change

If you are considering purchasing the latest and greatest data system, or if you have already made the investment, you should be carefully debating why you are embarking on this information technology journey. 

Will it lead to performance improvement? Increase profitability? Boost compliance regulation?

For each of your key stakeholders, you will have to answer the why  before you can even begin to think about the how.





PDF: Defining Your Information Management Strategy

Step 2: Defining Your Information Management Strategy

Your information management strategy must directly support your business strategy.

Consider in this step how your business will manage three distinct stages of data mining and management within modern big data systems.





PDF: Transforming Operations Your Operations around Big Data Technology

Step 3: Transforming Your Operations around Big Data Technology

For your disruptive big data system to mature to the state where it can be used for operational transformation, you must develop an operating model that is tied to your strategic drivers and enables your information management strategy.



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