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Securely Operating in the Cloud

Feb 04, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

Migrating business services to the cloud is inevitable for most organizations. Effectively migrating and operating business services in the cloud requires understanding beforehand important operational needs and impacts:

  • Access management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business resilience
  • Monitoring

The articles below describe key considerations before selecting a cloud service provider or migrating business services to the cloud.

If your organization has already migrated, the articles provide information to help you assess current operating status, business resiliency, access management, architecture, regulatory compliance and continuous monitoring.

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Building an Effective Cloud Migration Strategy Through Key Security Architecture Practices

The greatest opportunity to mitigate or remediate risks lies with the proactive involvement of IT teams during the solutions architecture phase of planning a move to the cloud. Delve into the components of due diligence in this article.


Moving Regulatory Compliance to a Business Enabler of the Cloud

Learn in this article about validating your organization’s regulatory landscape and then building a flexible approach for compliance with your cloud service providers.


Navigating the Cloud IAM Landscape

Compare in this article cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) integration approaches that most organizations are considering today, organized by the elements of KPMG's IAM framework.


Shifting to Business Resiliency in the Cloud

Gain insight in this article into three critical activities an organization can undertake to optimize potential business resiliency benefits from cloud solutions.


Starting with Continuous Monitoring to Manage Business Cloud Services

Learn in this article about designing real-time monitoring to give better insight into the overall security state of cloud systems and services.

Greg Bell

Greg Bell
U.S. National Practice Leader
Information Protection and Business Resilience