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How to Use Data to Outsmart Your Competitors

Jul 15, 2015
From the Advisory Institute

An article by Lisa Morgan published on informationweek.com.

Industry disruptors make a point of using data in ways that other companies have not mastered, or may have not even considered. 

"It's being able to pull in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data from outside data sources, put them into models, and see how they correlate with performance, that opens up companies to new ways of thinking." -- Marshall Toplansky, Managing Director, KPMG Lighthouse Data & Analytics U.S. Center of Excellence

In this article KPMG's Marshall Toplansky and others offer insight into working differently with data and analytics to re-imagine what's possible for your business:

  • Understand what data assets you have
  • Share the data
  • Ponder a new use of the data
  • Foster collaboration
  • Encourage experimentation and brainstorming
  • Keep the end goal in mind


Read the article on the informationweek.com website.


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