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KPMG's Human Resources Advisory Global Pulse Survey 2015

Jul 07, 2015
From the Advisory Institute

In this survey of 435 KPMG human resources (HR) consultants across member firms worldwide, most respondents agreed that there are many benefits to an evidence-based model for HR, connecting people data with business data. However, most organizations do not have it listed as a priority for the next two years.

Read the survey report to explore:

  • the shortcomings of HR information systems (HRIS) that can slow or inhibit the adoption of evidence-based HR
  • the 3 most important skills HR personnel and organizations must possess to enable evidence-based people management
  • the top 5 ways evidence-based HR will transform HR teams.





Access KPMG International's webcast recording to gain more insights from the survey and a companion survey conducted with the EIU: Evidence-based HR - The Bridge Between Your People and Delivering Business Strategy.



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