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Measuring Your Digital Business Aptitude: Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?

Nov 06, 2015
From the Advisory Institute

Few businesses are safe from digital disruption. For many organizations the question has become to what degree will digital disruption impact their business and more importantly what can be done about it?

In a recent survey of IT executives conducted by Harvey Nash in association with KPMG, 62% of respondents said that their business was already being disrupted or would be within two years yet only 27% indicated that they had an enterprise-wide digital strategy. Responding to digital disruption presents CIOs with a number of significant challenges to overcome.

Our research and experience with early adopters has provided insight into the practices and capabilities required to successfully undergo a transformation to digital business. 

Discover in this paper the five domains that describe the key practices and capabilities that correlate with an organization’s ability to successfully undertake a digital business transformation.