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Digital labor and the future of finance

Sep 06, 2016
From the Advisory Institute

The evolving partnership between humans and machines—and a new opportunity for CFOs

As multinational companies strive to compete in an ever-changing environment, chief financial officers (CFOs) are playing an increasingly important role. They are expected to reduce costs, provide more insights to the business, and drive profitable growth—all while continuing to manage risk. 

But many CFOs have maxed out their savings from labor arbitrage due to overseas wage inflation, and they are wondering what is next in cost management. They also need to continue optimizing processes to find savings. So where do they go from here?

The answer is digital labor.

From software robots to sophisticated cognitive systems, advances in automation are changing the game, reducing costs by up to 75 percent in some financial processes, while improving speed, accuracy, and control.

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CFOs and the digital labor revolution

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Digital labor and the future of finance

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