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See the future, act now: Predictive analytics and fixed asset management

Mar 16, 2017
From the Advisory Institute

Predictive analytics turns insight into competitive advantage when managing fixed assets.

To predict the future, you will need data. This is not a problem since the volume of data continues to proliferate at an often overwhelming pace.  However, many companies struggle with managing all the data to which they have access and valuable information may be sitting idle. Predictive analytics can put that data to work. 

"It’s not about owning the most data, but about gaining the most insight from the data and turning it into a real business advantage."  —Dan Fisher, Advisory Principal, KPMG

In today’s challenging business environment, it is not enough to do an average job managing fixed assets.  Enabling technology and people skilled in interpreting data have resulted in a convergence where predictive analytics can and should be an integral part of most, if not all, business operations. 

Organizations that are able to manage their assets effectively in conjunction with their sales plans, procurement needs, and tax planning are exponentially more optimized, and those that take a holistic approach benefit the most.

Read the paper to learn more about the potential applications and advantages of predicative analytics.

Read the paper

PDF: See the future, act now

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