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See the future, act now: Predictive analytics turns insight into competitive advantage for consumer brands

Feb 22, 2017
From the Advisory Institute

Technology has enabled consumer goods companies to have direct relationships with their customers.  But with so many channels and multiple devices, the opportunity for a brand to build a lasting, significant relationship is increasingly difficult. With predictive analytics, companies can anticipate behavior in a given interaction with a high likelihood of probability and they can be ready with the right offer at the right time to win customers over.

As Todd Cullen, Advisory Managing Director at KPMG explains, “The pressure to go direct to consumer continues to increase. Brands that have never done this before are not always sure how to proceed.”

Read the paper to learn how using predictive analytics to better understand consumer expectations can increase profitability and deliver the greatest value to both the brand and the customer.

Read the paper

Read the paper

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