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Digital transformation

Apr 21, 2017
From the Advisory Institute

As part of a mini roundtable discussion, Risk and Compliance Magazine sat down with David Brown, Global Lead for KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Practice and head of the Global SSOA Center of Excellence, and Julio Hernandez, a principal in the U.S. firm and the head of KPMG’s Global Customer Center of Excellence, to get their input on how organizations can prepare to drive change in this age of digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is redefining how organizations grow, compete, and thrive in a global economy. —KPMG's David J. Brown

Topics of discussion include:

  • Main issues businesses are facing in this age of digital transformation
  • The benefits, challenges, and risks businesses encounter
  • Attitudes towards digital transformation, particularly among the C-suite
  • Practical strategies and advice on how to manage risk when delivering transformational change
  • The role the CIO needs to play in driving change
  • Trends in the transformational space and developments likely to have an impact on operations, costs, top-line growth and customer experience

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Digital transformation

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