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Transform Your Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage


Be Globally Integrated

Shifting global demand patterns and opportunities for revenue growth in emerging markets demand that companies align their operations and supply chains to the new realities of the global marketplace.

By strategically repositioning assets and integrating supply chains globally, supply chain executives can align operations to the go-to-market strategies of their businesses.

Integrated Business Planning is a core capability that ensures that all of the business functions -- from finance to operations to marketing and sales -- are all pulling in the same direction in driving customer value and bottom line benefits.

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Be Demand Driven

Next generation supply chain technologies and SaaS platforms allow companies to manage planning, procurement, and replenishment processes across multiple tiers of the supply chain.

By removing information latency and keeping all of your supply chain partners informed of rapidly shifting demand and supply trends and patterns, you can drive out waste, cut complexity, and capture lost revenue.

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Be Resilient

Supply chain disruptions can wreak havoc on the best laid strategies and operating plans.

By leveraging advanced analytical techniques and visualization technologies, you can harness powerful predictive capabilities that can provide you with a 360° view of global operations risk and enable you to take steps to address them before they happen.

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Be Efficient and Innovative

The ability to optimize performance and cost across the entire supply chain will be key to becoming more competitive and resilient, according to KPMG International's 2014

Global Manufacturing Outlook survey report.

Get a comprehensive overview of the global manufacturing sector from our observations and insights, including interviews of 335 senior executives.

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Leverage the Cloud

As companies become more comfortable with the benefits of a cloud environment, they are gaining valuable insight into not only the potential opportunities - such as cost savings and speed to adoption - but also the practical challenges of cloud adoption.

KPMG research reveals that in order to achieve the full potential of cloud investments, businesses need to redesign processes in tandem. It's central to addressing the complexities that often arise in the implementation and operational phases of cloud adoption.

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