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KPMG Learning | Cross-Border Investigations - Self-Studies

Feb 23, 2015
From the Financial Reporting View

KPMG Learning recently released a series of four mobile-compatible Web-based courses about Cross-Border Investigations, which are accessible at the KPMG Learning Web site. These courses offer guidance based on the findings of KPMG International’s Cross-Borders Investigations study. The series comprises:

  • Avoiding Missteps With Cross-Border Investigations,
  • Data Privacy in Cross-Border Investigations – Navigating the Minefield,
  • Reporting Protocols – Averting Common Challenges With a Cross-Border Investigation, and
  • Remediation After a Cross-Border Investigation – The Unanticipated Challenges.

For each course, one hour of CPE credit will be available to U.S. participants who meet the eligibility requirements.

Please direct questions about this series to us-kpmglearning@kpmg.com.