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IASB Announces Five-Year Work Plan

Nov 22, 2016
From the Financial Reporting View and the IFRS Institute

The IASB recently released its IASB Work Plan 2017-2021, which it developed based on feedback about its 2015 agenda consultation process. IASB activities through 2021 will focus on enhanced quality of communications from companies to their shareholders through financial reporting by improving presentation and disclosure requirements, e.g., projects under its Disclosure Initiative, and placing less focus on projects that would change recognition and measurement requirements. Other priorities for the five-year period include (1) completing the insurance contracts standard and the Conceptual Framework revision, (2) supporting the implementation of new and existing IFRS through the IFRS Interpretations Committee and post-implementation reviews, and (3) focusing its research program, prioritizing its work, and reducing the number of research projects.

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