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Making Private Equity Portfolio Companies More Profitable

May 06, 2013
From the Advisory Institute and the Global Enterprise Institute

M&A Spotlight | May 2013


KPMG and Directorbank surveyed over 300 portfolio company executives to gain insights into how private equity investors could add value to their portfolio companies and what leading practices could provide further gains.

Learn in this publication:

  • What makes an attractive PE buyer
  • Ratings for PE investor involvement levels
  • How PE investors can help their investment targets meet challenges
  • Factors for increasing PE portfolio value.


About the Series
M&A Spotlight is a publication from KPMG LLP’s Transactions & Restructuring Services practice designed to keep you informed of the latest developments and trends likely to impact merger and acquisition strategies.

To provide feedback or suggest topics for future KPMG M&A Spotlight issues, please contact Sherrie Nachman at snachman@kpmg.com or 212-954-3952.

Read Making Private Equity (PE) Portfolio Companies More Profitable (PDF 67 KB)

Companion Content
For more insight from the survey, read Working with Private Equity Portfolio Companies on kpmg.com/global.