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The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies

Nov 19, 2015
From the Global Enterprise Institute

KPMG's annual Technology Innovation publication, The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies, provides an outlook of emerging technology trends on a global scale. The publication includes insights from over 800 leading technology industry visionaries ranging from serial start-up entrepreneurs to FORTUNE 100 tech industry leaders.

The publication is segmented into four parts, featuring the following topics:

  • Global technology innovation hubs : This segment answers the question “What markets are poised to lead technology innovations and develop the next "big thing?” Find out how countries and cities are competing to commercialize innovation and become the key hubs of the technology industry.
  • Innovation convergence unlocks new paradigms : In this segment, we examine the views of global technology industry leaders regarding the consumer and enterprise technologies with the most potential to disrupt industries and transform business models over the next three years. We also assess the monetization opportunities of these disruptors by region and industry.
  • Barriers to commercializing emerging technologies
  • Tech innovation management and startup perspectives