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The right to win in semiconductors: driving R&D efficiency through portfolio management

Jun 21, 2016
From the Global Enterprise Institute

This KPMG publication explores the implications of slowing revenue growth, increasing R&D costs, and the continuation of Moore’s law in the semiconductor industry.

In today’s environment, semiconductor companies must focus their R&D investment so it is efficiently aligned to end-market needs. The good news is that R&D efficiency is possible through disciplined portfolio planning and product management, making the “right to win” an achievable goal.

M&A is also playing a role in R&D management. As companies weigh critical make/buy decisions, many believe purchasing in-progress research offers more compelling returns than relying exclusively on company-developed efforts. If used correctly, M&A can be a complementary component in the portfolio management toolbox.

Successful companies will embrace structured, comprehensive portfolio and investment planning. These companies will earn the “right to win” in the semiconductor industry and continue to reap the benefits of Moore’s law.

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