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The startup CFO's road map to success

Feb 09, 2018
From the Global Enterprise Institute

A guide designed to help financial executives, CEOs, and board members by offering critical insights into establishing the startup CFO's role in their organization.

This guide was developed to help new CFOs at VC-backed growth companies make the most of their new role. Leveraging KPMG's experience working with CFOs and growth company leaders, it offers guidance and a potential road map to help new CFOs driver measurable value for their organizations. 

The insights contained within this document are based on interviews with CFOs at VC-backed companies across the United States with revenue sizes ranging from $25 million to $100 million. We sat down with more than a dozen experienced CFOs to find out what their biggest challenges were when they started their new role. We found out what they learned, what they might do differently next time, and what they wish they had known.

The startup CFO's road map to success

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The startup CFO's road map to success