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Tech hubs forging new paths to outpace the competition

Apr 12, 2018
From the Global Enterprise Institute

The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies 2018 publication Tech Hubs Forging New Paths to Outpace the Competition unveils the global cities and markets that are leading as top innovation hubs. The publication also explores insights on innovation management and contains overviews from 16 separate countries. Key insights include:

  • The U.S. and China dominate the tech leadership charts. India, Japan and the U.K. are markets to watch.
  • 45 percent predict the innovation epicenter will move away from Silicon Valley by 2021.
  • Shanghai, Tokyo, London, New York, Beijing and Singapore are expected to become leading technology innovation hubs in addition to Silicon Valley/San Francisco.
  • Revenue growth is the top metric to measure the success of tech innovation.
  • The Chief Information Officer was ranked for the first time as the top function/role responsible for driving innovation.
  • Tech start-up job growth is on a steady incline with more than 90 percent saying they would hire up to 100 employees in the near future.