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The pinnacle of sport is driving the promise of AI

May 01, 2018
From the Global Enterprise Institute

Artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Driven by a multiyear partnership between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Alibaba Group, AI-powered solutions—underpinned by innovations in cloud technology, data intelligence and machine learning—are aimed at transforming the Olympics into a more personal and digital experience for organizers, competitors and fans alike.

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology, but what Alibaba and the IOC introduced at the Games showcases some of the larger potential of AI beyond single applications in the market today. Alibaba’s Olympic model could potentially provide many learnings that apply to other industries outside of sports, including learnings about scalability, logistics and events of all types, as well as the AI-driven digital experience.

So how can business leaders prepare for—and take advantage—of a much-changed future, in which AI touches so many aspects of our lives? It starts with recognizing that implementing artificial intelligence—from the first level to the most complex solutions—requires thinking about your entire operating model, not just the technology.

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