United States

An Uncertain Age: Reimagining Long Term Care in the 21st Century

Like much of the world, the United States is seeing a dramatic increase in the number and proportion of older individuals in its population. Government leaders are being challenged to redesign financing systems that are rapidly becoming unsustainable, driving record-high deficits and crowding out funding for other programs.

In fact, long-term care represents one of the single biggest challenges in our healthcare delivery system, and specifically the Medicaid program. It is one of the single biggest drivers of the explosive growth in government healthcare spending over the last decade and is often in the media due to concerns for its potential for fraud, waste and abuse.

This report, An Uncertain Age: Reimagining Long Term Care in the 21st Century, developed by the KPMG Global Center of Excellence for Health and Human & Social Services, was commissioned by the Lien Foundation, a Singapore philanthropic organization, to stimulate global dialogue and focus attention on the issue.

It includes comments and opinions from 48 global thought leaders, professionals and practitioners in the aged care sector. The report frames recommendations and approaches that are highly relevant to the circumstances and opportunities in the United States.