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New Resources to Spur Health and Human Services Data Sharing and Integration

Sep 18, 2014
From the Government Institute

Many state and local health and human services (HHS) agencies are investigating ways to better serve clients through integrated service delivery and shared-service models. To provide policy guidance to these agencies, the Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has published a Confidentiality Toolkit.

The ACF Confidentiality Toolkit addresses the fundamental need for agencies to develop policies, guidelines and agreements to effectively share data across programs or information systems while protecting client confidentiality and privacy.

The toolkit is part of the ACF Interoperability Initiative, which sponsors and supports numerous activities with the aim of promoting integration and shared services among the many information technology (IT) systems in use by health and human-services agencies and among the programs themselves. The ACF Interoperability Initiative recognizes the need for HHS agencies to share information and client data to improve client-centered, integrated service delivery; reduce administrative costs and delays; and learn from leading practices.

Drawing on KPMG’s deep knowledge and experience in working with clients in the health and human services sector to achieve greater program efficiency and effectiveness, this KPMG Government Institute Issue Brief reviews key resources included in the toolkit and potential opportunities that state and local agencies may want to consider in implementing data-sharing practices, which are foundational to larger modernization efforts.