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Paul Hencoski on Year Two of Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act's Health-Benefit Exchanges

Oct 14, 2014
From the Government Institute

An article in Governing Magazine written by KPMG’s Paul Hencoski, national lead partner for health and human services.

Due to the public awareness and media scrutiny of the operational problems that affected the first year of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s health-benefit exchanges, the online exchanges will be under intense pressure during the upcoming open enrollment period.

This article details five things that marketplace teams and exchange executives should be doing to avoid the massive problems encountered last year:

  1. Communicate with the public and manage expectations
  2. Test, test, test
  3. Perform operational-readiness reviews as though it was year one all over again
  4. Fast-track two to three innovations that will enhance the consumer experience
  5. Keep some attention focused on the January deadline to start mailing IRS forms

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