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Reassessing Investment and Service Delivery Strategies through Increased Public-Private Partnerships

Oct 29, 2014
From the Government Institute

Government faces daunting fiscal challenges, requiring significant action to address an unsustainable long-term fiscal framework. Fiscal sustainability issues are of such magnitude that government is more fully exploring a range of financing and cost-cutting initiatives, including expanded partnerships with the private sector to support major investments and provide critical services. In looking at global trends in public-private partnerships (PPPs) KPMG’s has seen continued differences in the growth of PPPs across markets, with the potential for the United States to further expand its use.

This KPMG Government Institute Issue Brief provides a snapshot of the potential uses for PPPs in the Department of Defense, including data centers, logistical support, such as supply chain integration and warehousing, depot operations, buildings and facilities, and training.

KPMG’s research into PPPs and extensive work supporting governments around the world on PPP initiatives provide the framework for our perspectives.

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