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Staying Power - Success stories in global healthcare

Oct 27, 2014
From the Government Institute

Governments are grappling with tectonic changes taking place in healthcare across the world. KPMG recently gathered 65 healthcare leaders from 30 countries to discuss strategies for successful healthcare transformation.

This KPMG report provides a collection of their insights, which centered on seven key themes ranging from population health and accountable care to clinical and operational excellence. What became clear throughout these discussions was, paradoxically, both reassuring and daunting. While a restless curiosity for improvement, coupled with an enthusiasm towards innovation, is essential for successful change and adaptation, it's the ability to stay the course that marked out truly exceptional people, performance, and progress. Staying power or “persistence on point” is needed to achieve sustainable results.

It’s clear that organizations that have transformed into health systems (vertically or horizontally) and authentically partnered with patients are creating more value through these new care pathways: delivering superior quality at affordable costs.

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