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Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report

Nov 19, 2014
From the Government Institute

In an age of austerity and with funding in short supply, governments must make difficult choices about where to focus infrastructure spending Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report, produced by KPMG’s Global Infrastructure practice, a global panel of independent industry experts has once again identified 100 of the world’s most inspirational and innovative infrastructure projects—many of which are expected to transform the way the world’s populations interact with their cities, governments and environment.

This year’s edition highlights 100 examples of great projects underway in four key markets:

  • Mature International Markets: Dynamic international economies that are open to a wide variety of private investment opportunities in infrastructure.
  • Economic Powerhouses: Economic giants that are slowly opening up to private finance in infrastructure.
  • Smaller Established Markets: Strong domestic markets open to private finance in infrastructure.
  • Emerging Markets: Newer markets looking to establish the right conditions to attract private investment in infrastructure.

This report highlights key trends driving infrastructure investment in each of these markets and demonstrates how governments are coming together with the private sector to overcome funding constraints in order to finance and build projects that can improve the quality of life for citizens—both by solving immediate social needs and planning for future demands.

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