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John Teeter on the proposed Federal Health IT Strategy Plan

Jan 12, 2015
From the Government Institute

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has released a proposed update to its Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, which sets down guidelines for the collection, sharing, and use of electronic health information through 2020.

In this Federal News Radio interview, John Teeter, managing director in KPMG’s Federal Advisory Global Center of Excellence for Health, discusses this proposed update to the guide, will include new sources of information and ways to disseminate knowledge quickly, securely, and efficiently.

Teeter says one of the more significant changes to the strategy is the HHS’s widening of its definition of the healthcare environment.

“What this plan does is acknowledge that the healthcare community and the effect that that community can have actually extends into the more localized environment and social services, and in truth, into the personal environment of an individual as a patient and requires their engagement in their healthcare,” he says.

Teeter also points out that one of the trends explored in the plan is the realization that increasing the quality of healthcare through technology does not have to be more costly.

“They are planning on using health information technology to more effectively share information and use that to improve the quality of health care in general. I think that increased quality will actually drive costs down as information technology is used more effectively,” Teeter says.

Listen to John Teeter’s Federal News Radio interview

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