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The Untapped Value of Transportation Assets

Mar 23, 2015
From the Government Institute

Often seen as drains on transportation agency budgets, infrastructure assets can actually provide revenue for governments

Transportation department leaders can achieve greater efficiency by integrating their various inventories to gain a better perspective on utilization and maintenance in order to detect duplication and waste and to identify opportunities for enhancing an asset's value.

In recent years, agencies have explored opportunities to generate revenue from their infrastructure assets, including some agencies offering corporate-branding sponsorships of rest areas and welcome centers. Two potential untapped revenue sources that agencies can leverage are the wealth of anonymous traffic data that transportation agencies collect and underutilized properties and land that could be leased, sold, or developed.

In this Governing article, KPMG Principal Scott Rawlins details how agencies can derive revenue from their infrastructure assets.

Read The Untapped Value of Transportation Assets.


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