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Going beyond the data: Turning data from insights into value

Jul 02, 2015
From the Government Institute

It was only in the last few years that ‘Big Data’ became the buzz phrase that confused many and overwhelmed many more. Two years ago, most executives and IT departments were still struggling to understand what the data revolution meant for them and their business; many were just fighting to keep their heads above water.

Going beyond the data: turning data from insights into value delves into the challenges and opportunities today’s organizations face as they strive to create value through D&A. In this summary report, we explore the topline results of KPMG International’s recent survey of more than 800 senior executives to identify key themes influencing D&A’s value proposition around the world.

We offer key take-aways to organizations looking to move from insights to value and look at opinions of KPMG's global D&A leadership on how executives can continue successfully along the D&A journey.