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Life After the Big Bang: Exploring Modular, Agile Paths Toward Health and Human Services Modernization

Sep 19, 2016
From the Government Institute

It’s a watershed moment for the health and human services (HHS) domain. The well-being, safety, and empowerment of citizens increasingly hinges on the existence of streamlined technological ecosystems capable of quickly and efficiently delivering services to end users, and in keeping with this mission, states and counties across the nation are moving to revamp and streamline outdated HHS systems.

To explore how states and localities are navigating the shift from a “big bang,” waterfall modernization model to a modular, agile approach, Government Business Council, the research arm of Government Executive and Route Fifty, interviewed 17 experts involved in HHS systems modernization at the request of KPMG LLP.

This research report explores the rapidly changing realm of HHS, unveiling critical insights into goals, challenges, and potential leading practices that lie ahead in project governance, end user support, government-vendor relationships, and beyond.