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Preparing for Exchanges - KPMG's Webcast Series With AHIP

Mar 28, 2013
From the Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

Exchanges create a new marketplace for health plans that will have pervasive implications for how they compete for business and service the influx of new customers.

The sudden growth of new customers, coupled with a very high degree of regulatory complexity, will place greater demands on health plans’ processes and operations. Federal and state guidance surrounding issuers is still evolving, leaving many organizations unsure of how to deal with the complexity and uncertainty of the various types of exchange models and how to meet the current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-mandated requirements and time line.

The impacts are significant, and KPMG has assembled a variety of services to assist based on our extensive HBX experience with 18 states, CMS and health plans.

Tune into a replay of KPMG’s webcast series with AHIP, Preparing for Exchanges, to hear our exchange subject matter professionals provide guidance for health plans to help navigate the complexity.

Part 1 - Key Insights from States to Help Health Plans Prepare

Part 2 - Moving from B2B to B2C

Part 3 - Emerging Sourcing Options and their Implications