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Something to Teach, Something to Learn: Global Perspectives on Healthcare

May 16, 2013
From the Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

The report provides a snapshot of the thinking and learning that emerged from KPMG’s Global Healthcare Conference in October 2012 in Rome.

The conference brought together 45 senior executives and clinicians from 22 countries to share insights, ideas and outlooks. Participants represented some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations.

The report explores:

  • The emergence of the "activist payer" – the role of this new breed of healthcare commissioner in shaping system change, driving reform and influencing behavior
  • The dilemmas facing providers in a changing market – to transact or transform, to grow or to evolve, hospital or health system, passive partner or active change agent
  • Patients as partners – changing expectations, shared decision-making, health literacy, looking beyond the rhetoric to make patient power a reality
  • The rise of “high growth health systems,” from rapidly developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America, is changing global outlooks. Unencumbered by traditional healthcare doctrines, they are innovating fast. It is a global phenomenon offering huge learning opportunities for all

The report concludes with a number of key recommendations for action and sets out some important next steps that KPMG believes global healthcare systems need to be thinking about in the coming months and years.

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