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Healthcare 3.0: Unlocking the value of big data

Apr 13, 2015
From the Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

This series of 10 articles from KPMG International discusses how the proper adoption of technology can create a more sustainable model of healthcare which delivers better outcomes while reducing costs. Questions our clients and prospects want to answers to:

  • How safe is your data? With 40 percent of healthcare organizations having been targeted by cyber criminals, the industry needs to put data protection at the heart of its business.
  • Transforming patient care with big data. Healthcare providers could use big data to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost – if they could distill the insights they need in a given time, setting and context.
  • Turning big data into small, valuable insights. Advanced data analytics can facilitate radical change in the healthcare sector.
  • Treating chronic conditions with technology. Next-generation technology could make a big difference to the treatment of chronic conditions, enabling services to be better targeted – and empowering patients.
  • The power of gamification. Already a US$15bn industry, applied gaming can transform medical training and engage the public in medical advances.